Appreciate the Positives of Your Stepchildren

My stepson came by over the week-end to help with the yard and clean the gutters for me. Since my husband is now working out of state, he asked his son to help with stuff around the house that he normally does.

It was a blessing to have him here and offer a helping hand.

But my stepson and I don’t see eye to eye on a lot of issues. At 21-years-old, he has his own opinions and many of them are different from mine.

He was heavily influenced during his critical adolescent years at his mom’s house by a stepdad that walks a different path in life. My stepson experimented with drugs and had the freedom to make his own choices at an age when he didn’t have the maturity to make wise ones.

I’m thankful today he’s making better choices but it saddens me that he doesn’t desire a spiritual walk. It’s more convenient to live a life of selfish desires than surrender his life to the Lord Jesus, whom I love and serve.

But rather than force my spiritual beliefs down his throat, I simply love and accept him where he is today. 

My prayer is that my stepson will someday embrace the spiritual journey that makes my life complete. But I can love him for who he is today, even if it’s vastly different from me.

I can be thankful for the relationship we share, even if it’s not perfect. I can appreciate his willingness to offer a helping hand when my husband isn’t available.

What positive thought can you embrace about your stepchildren?

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