Encouraging Words

Our family is on vacation and spent some time yesterday with our oldest daughter who lives out of state. (my stepdaughter). We were reminiscing about years’ past and laughing about some difficult interactions we’ve worked through. I told her I felt bad about some of our “less than perfect parenting moments” and she said, “It’s okay. I don’t think anyone was permanently scarred by them.”

Those were encouraging words to me. We are not perfect parents but we are doing our best to show our kids what a Christ-centered home looks like.

I know I will blow it again as a parent/stepparent. But I will be quick to ask for forgiveness and get back on the right track with those involved. And I will choose not to allow guilt to prevent me from positive parenting moments today.

Do you need to affirm your value today as a stepparent?


2 Responses to “Encouraging Words”

  1. 1 Tired Mom Tésa July 26, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    I'm not a step-parent but it's good to know children can be forgiving for our parenting blunders. Mine are only preschoolers but there are many nights I lay away wishing I would have handled a situation differently.

  2. 2 Gayla July 29, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    Thank you for your comment. I think we all have days like that. I guess the important thing is to continue to grow and work at our parenting role even when we see few rewards for our efforts. We can find satisfaction in knowing we are doing the best we can as parents, even when we're not perfect.

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