Steering Our Stepchildren Toward Christ

My heart aches today from a unforeseen loss that occurred over the week-end.

A star athlete in high school, our friend was well respected by his peers. A great-looking kid who comfortably related to others, it appeared he had a great future ahead.

A previous classmate with my stepson and friend to my daughter, this young man had been at our house several times, always courteous to me and my husband. My daughter had just mentioned seeing him on campus last week at the college she is attending, a recent transfer from another school, it seemed.

But Friday night my daughter learned of a tragic choice he made. For reasons we will never understand, he chose to take his life. An overdose of pills ended it for him. I can only imagine how his dear mom endured Mother’s Day yesterday.

Thankfully, we believe this young man was a believer and has a better destination after life, but it grieves my heart to consider his loss. Why did he believe suicide was the answer?

Those we love make choices we don’t understand and can’t control.

But we can control our own choices. We can make intentional choices about steering our children toward Christ. We can continually point them to God’s Word for direction. We can pray for their heart to be open toward spiritual matters and look for opportunities to show Christ to them through our actions.

I believe our deepest needs can only be met through a relationship with Jesus Christ. I may be rejected or criticized for my beliefs, but I will never quit trying to influence my stepchildren toward a daily walk with Christ.


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